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Rich and airy foam.Protects and cleanses at the same time.Protects and cleanses sensitive skin.Gently cares for even sensitive skin.Moisturising face wash is born.An amino acid-based face wash with a rich and delicate lather produced by the pump that both removes dirt and protects the skin's moisture.It contains a complex of...

Rich and airy foam.
Protects and cleanses at the same time.
Protects and cleanses sensitive skin.
Gently cares for even sensitive skin.
Moisturising face wash is born.

An amino acid-based face wash with a rich and delicate lather produced by the pump that both removes dirt and protects the skin's moisture.
It contains a complex of Western herbs and Japanese and Chinese plant-derived extracts that enhance the skin's sense of moisture retention, and three types of human ceramide with excellent affinity with the skin, leading to smooth skin as if it is wrapped in a veil of moisture.
The fluffy, friction-free feel and refreshing citrus blend essential oil fragrance make the morning and evening face-washing routine a comforting experience.

Now and in the future.
Medicated Wrinkle Serum that works on both
Japan's first ingredient approach.
Etvos has created a wrinkle-improving serum that is needed precisely for sensitive skin.
Based on our own research, we have adopted Japan's first ingredient approach, which combines two active ingredients, niacinamide and panthenol, with the moisturising ingredient human ceramide. In addition, the upcycling ingredient 'bamboo shoot bark extract' creates flexibility in hardened skin and gives it a supple texture.
The loop of dryness, inflammation and wrinkles caused by external factors.
That is why we aim for skin that looks plump and soft even 10 years later, not only now but also in the future, through multifaceted science.

For wrinkled skin. Softens and relaxes for supple firmness.
A new concept for wrinkles that have already formed: "relaxing the skin".
The combination of niacinamide, an active ingredient that improves wrinkles, and bamboo shoot bark extract, which gives elasticity, softens and loosens hardened skin, making it supple and firm.
It also contains the moisturising ingredients 'okra extract' and 'ganzo leaf extract' to give the skin a plump and soft impression.

Prevents uneven skin tone.
The moisturising ingredient human ceramide and the rough skin-preventing active ingredient D-pantothenyl alcohol approach dryness and rough skin, both of which can cause wrinkles.
The product also contains the moisturising ingredients cherry leaf extract and bilberry leaf extract to support these effects and give the skin an even and healthy appearance.

For the whole face, morning and night. Pleasant texture and fragrance.
The texture has a softness that spreads easily and permeates the skin, and a feeling of adhesion that stays firmly in place on the skin. Despite its pleasant effect, it does not feel sticky or heavy and blends naturally like a part of the skin, both in the morning before make-up and at night when you are caring for your skin.
It can be comfortably applied to the eyes, mouth and cheeks, where wrinkles tend to appear, as well as to other areas of the face where fine lines and wrinkles and hardness of the skin are a concern. Green rose fragrance for pleasant use in the morning and at night.

Sensitive skin friendly. Thorough formulation standards.
We want people with sensitive skin to start anti-ageing care as early as possible and continue for as long as possible. This is why we have developed a hypoallergenic formulation.
Not only for "protective care", but also for "offensive care", the unique skin-friendly feel of the EtoVos formulation allows you to incorporate it into your daily care routine.

Contains human ceramide, which has a high affinity with the skin.
Ceramide supports the barrier function of sensitive skin. This product contains human ceramide, which is easily absorbed into the skin.

Skin-conscious free design
ETVOS products are thoroughly designed to be trustworthy and usable by people with sensitive skin conditions.

Stinging tested, allergy tested and patch tested
Medicated Wrinkle Serum has undergone three tests. Stinging test is a test in which a sensitive skin panel (those who are sensitive to irritation) cooperates to evaluate transient skin irritations such as tingling or burning sensations.

After conditioning the skin with a serum, take a pearl-sized portion and apply to the entire face.
(It is recommended to apply when the skin has been thoroughly absorbed and blended with the previous skincare product.)
Apply an appropriate amount over the wrinkles.
If you are using a cream, apply a layer after this.