[ETVOS] Mineral Glow Skin Cushion (with case + puff)



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Provides firmness and elasticity, and leaves the skin feeling freshThe more you use it, the more it leads to a natural glowing skin.Cushion foundationLeads to skin filled with moisture and radiance from the moment it is applied to the skin.Cushion foundation with the feel of a beauty essence.Its high skincare...

Provides firmness and elasticity, and leaves the skin feeling fresh
The more you use it, the more it leads to a natural glowing skin.
Cushion foundation
Leads to skin filled with moisture and radiance from the moment it is applied to the skin.
Cushion foundation with the feel of a beauty essence.
Its high skincare effect reduces the appearance of fine dry lines and wrinkles.
The foundation also provides a bouncy, supple appearance.
The areas of concern are covered with a natural finish.
The skin is left beautifully hydrated and fresh from the outset.
Produces a luminosity that matches the skin's own structure.
A cushion foundation that gives a natural skin finish while caring for your skin.
Cushion foundation.

For light, standard skin tone.

Natural pink NEW
For standard skin tone.
Adds brightness and blood colour to the skin.

For standard skin tone
For a healthy and natural tone

For healthy skin tones.

Features of Mineral Glow Skin Cushion

Helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Highly moisturising design comparable to that of a beauty essence.
Human ceramide penetrates to the very core of the stratum corneum, while the original oil blend coats the skin without gaps with a hydro-forming formula that locks in moisture and prevents it from escaping.
The cushion foundation is also formulated with Centifolia rosea flower extract and Camellia sinensis extract, and leads to beautiful, radiant skin without the appearance of fine, dry lines and wrinkles.

Hydroforming formula
Moisturising ingredients that are compatible with water and those that are compatible with oil - ingredients with different properties - stabilise each other and coat the skin.
The skin is sealed in without any gaps, so that the skin remains moist and supple all the way down to the stratum corneum.

Original blend of plant oils
An original blend of plant oils carefully selected from a variety of plant oils, including fruit thyme oil*7, camellia seed oil and French lavender oil in an exquisite ratio, has been uniquely developed.
These plant oils provide the firmness, elasticity, moisture and luminosity necessary for beautiful skin.

Fruit thyme oil
Maintains firmness and elasticity.

Camellia japonica seed oil
Improves skin texture.

French lavender oil
Locks in moisture.


Moisturises all over the stratum corneum.
Easy-to-use texture
Designed to envelop water-based beauty ingredients with oil-based ingredients.
When spread on the skin, the film of oil-based beauty ingredients loosens and the water-based ingredients penetrate to the stratum corneum.
The surface of the skin is protected by the oil-based ingredients, leading to a moisturised skin.
In addition, a unique proportion of silica has been added to achieve a pleasant, lightweight feel.


Produces a beautiful glow that matches the wearer's bone structure.
Covers dullness and creates beautiful skin with a three-dimensional effect.
The reflective pearls reflect light along the curvature of the skin, producing a natural glow that matches the person's frame.
The result is beautiful from all angles.
Pure white mica, which does not dull over time, is also used.
Wrinkles, blemishes and pores are naturally covered, giving a freshly applied, transparent and fresh impression.


SPF32 PA+++ for protection against everyday UV rays.
Gentle on the skin as it can be washed off with soap.
SPF32 PA+++ protection against everyday UV rays, without the use of UV absorbers.
No cleansing required, can be gently removed with hot water and soap. Compact and easy to use, so it can be easily applied on the go.
Reduces the burden on sensitive skin and protects moisture.

Lightly press the provided puff onto the cushion to distribute the foundation.
Tap the foundation onto the face.
Do not press the cushion too hard or the foundation may overflow.
If the puff is no longer adhering to the cushion, press the puff deeper into the cushion.