[KAMIMOE] Medicated hair growth essence (alcohol-free)



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Do you have any of these problems?I am concerned about the edges and top of my hairHair loss is increasing with ageHair volume has decreasedOther hair growth products have not workedSudden increase in hair loss after childbirthFor those who are concerned about their hair loss, we recommend HATSUMOE, which restores...

Do you have any of these problems?
I am concerned about the edges and top of my hair
Hair loss is increasing with age
Hair volume has decreased
Other hair growth products have not worked
Sudden increase in hair loss after childbirth
For those who are concerned about their hair loss, we recommend HATSUMOE, which restores the power of the skin with the power of 25 kinds of plants.
HATSUMOE Medicated Hair Growth Essence (Quasi-drug)
HATSUMOE Medicated Hair Growth Essence is a medicated hair growth product developed to solve the problem of thinning hair in women.

Recommended for combating ageing hair.
HATSUMOE Hair Moe Medicated Essence 

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As the cycle of growth and hair loss is disrupted by ageing, hair tends to fall out before it grows and hair tends to regrow (grey) before it turns black.
Therefore, it is important to use hair-growth agents that (1) cleanse pores, (2) promote blood circulation, (3) inhibit papilla apoptosis, (4) promote papilla cell proliferation and (5) promote tyrosinase activity.
We recommend Hair Moe Medicated Hair Growth Essence (*), which is a hypoallergenic type that is gentle on the scalp, contains many naturally derived extracts and does not cause colour fading when applied to coloured hair.


Contains 25 plant-derived ingredients
Hair loss prevention, blood flow promotion and anti-dandruff action


Contains 25 plant-derived ingredients
Contains 25 plant-derived ingredients that are gentle to women's hair and scalp.
Prevents hair loss, promotes blood flow, and increases hair volume with anti-dandruff action!
Plant-derived extracts soothe and nourish the skin.

Comfrey: elastin protection, Clara: hair growth promotion, Senkyu: anti-inflammatory and analgesic, Japanese butterbur: whitening, Susamino: collagen production promotion, Roman chamomile: antibacterial and antioxidant, Arnica: antibacterial and antioxidant, Japanese knotweed: antibacterial and antioxidant, Dutch mustard: antibacterial and antioxidant, burdock: antibacterial and antioxidant, Kizuta: antibacterial and antioxidant, garlic: antibacterial and antioxidant, senburi: hair growth stimulating, rosemary: antibacterial and antioxidant, pine: antibacterial and antioxidant, sage: astringent, cherry leaf: anti-cellulite, loquat leaf: hair papilla cell multiplication, carrot: softener, chinpi: blood flow stimulating, shiso: antiallergic, kakkon: cell stimulating, Aloe: cell activation, Chlorella: cell activation, Grapefruit: skin softening, and 25 plant-derived extracts effective in preventing hair loss and promoting blood flow.


9 additive-free products
Hair growth products that are gentle on sensitive skin
Because it is used every day for a long time, ingredients that damage the scalp have been eliminated as much as possible.
Free of alcohol, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colourants, mineral oil, rosapen, silicone, UV absorbers, synthetic chelating agents and sulphate surfactants.

Tapered nozzle reaches the scalp directly!


The tapered nozzle reaches directly to the scalp, so it glides easily onto the scalp and does not spill.


Non-sticky and non-staining.
Does not contain any irritating ingredients that cause a sensation of irritation.
Non-sticky, so you can set your hair as usual!
Hairdressing products can also be used.



Reliable domestic production


Hair Moe Hair Growth Essence is manufactured in Japan for peace of mind.
High-quality hair care products are manufactured at domestic plants that pursue manufacturing that is friendly to people, nature and the environment. Hair Moe Hair Growth Essence" is a product developed for salons that can be easily used at home.